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Holistic Communications provides SaaS, Hybrid and Cloud deployments of Zoom video conferencing rooms which is a unified communication systems for businesses in the Asia Pacific region. Instant messaging is one part of the overall solution which allows team members to have group chats, chat with external partners or customers who also have ZOOM cloud meetings and instant messaging with team members. You can search content in ZOOM for chat, content making it easier to find what you have previously collaborated on. You can make a business instant chat become a voice meeting or a video meeting. Leveraging all the online meeting and video conference capabilities which come in the all in one meeting platform. If you have requirements for secure meetings, SSL can be enabled on your instant chats.

Being a premium partner (reseller with local support) of Zoom Rooms in the region, we also provide local service, around the clock support, training and in country billing. We help businesses through Thailand Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, India, Australasia and the south pacific Islands, Malaysia, China, Vietnam, South Korea, Japan, East Asia, South Asia, Oceania, Philippines, Taiwan, Indonesia, American Samoa, use Zoom’s revolutionary collaboration features. Zoom virtual meetings software enable businesses to host online meetings, video conferences and encrypted chat with any number of participants (50 as standard for every user). Anyone can connect to a meeting in real-time from their mobile, tablet, desktop or external communication platform i.e. Cisco, Polycom, Lifesize etc. It lets you do a lot more, such as instant messaging, fast file transfers and screen sharing capabilities. Zoom Rooms is the most complete system for high quality professional collaboration.

Choosing the right Enterprise Instant Messaging Options

Zoom Rooms’ instant messaging options enable meeting hosts to communicate with their internal employees, external business partners, associates and clients privately. With Zoom’s IM features you can start chats with participants across mobile, web and H.323/SIP communication platforms. It also offers several features like the ability to send pictures, screen captures and any other files in real-time within the chat window. You can even start encrypted chats separately (with file sending disabled). Zoom allows full-fledged Instant Messaging during meetings, with the option to add any number of participants. Having the one solution which has room based video conferencing with proximity capabilities, online meeting-, virtual meetings from any device including mobiles, free dial in audio, dial out audio, just to name a few features one expects.

Zoom Rooms has enabled businesses around the world to improve their unified communications, with high quality HD video conferencing and integrated IM solutions for users across all devices and platforms. Easy to setup, easy to implement into your business’s communication infrastructure and facilitates the highest level of professional communication and advanced collaboration at all times. No other integrated communication platform offers as many powerful features as Zoom Rooms. This has encouraged organizations around the world to use it as their preferred communication tool.

Now you can enjoy Zoom Room’s superior audio visual quality and excellent features at highly competitive rates with our flexibly priced Zoom Rooms packages. Get the best IM functionalities with:

  • Desktop applications and Mobile apps for all users
  • Web app which can be used on all devices or desktops
  • Designed for companies of any size
  • Users activity log for IM
  • Private IM network with SSL capabilities
  • User friendly features which users control
  • 512MB file transfer using ZOOM app
  • Record all your meeting as needed either to the cloud or a nominated server/drive
  • Automatic updates for all users
  • Available in different languages
  • Online user management and IT dashboard for live support
  • Audio and video using the latest codecs and technology
  • No Advertising in any free version / trial
  • Managed contacts list for companywide management
  • Encrypted communication using SSL
  • Take Screenshot using ZOOM app or Screen sharing
  • Free technical support for all users to maximise use
  • Connect to other networks
  • SSO / Active Directory Synchronization available
  • Make a chat become a Whiteboard
  • #1 Cloud service with No server to maintain
  • Group chat for all part of the business to collaborate

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