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High Quality Video and Screen Share

When it comes to education and learning classes can be in real rooms, streamed to students who are remotely learning and student can get together anytime with professors, PHD students, other students to perform group assignments and learning. All these services allow for flexible learning and means there is not reason aa student cannot attend a class.

With recording of meeting to desktop or the cloud, all learning materials or classes can be viewed again by people who did not attend or to watch again to assist with the learning process. High quality audio and video a crucial to successful virtual meetings and this is what Zoom has in abundance. If you want to learn how your educational programs, remote or distance learning and lectures could benefit from Zoom cloud meetings, ask an Holistic team member how today.

Collaboration is Key To Learning

Listening is one part of the learning cycle, but collaboration is key to the success of apply these learning or querying what you have learnt. Zoom’s Video Breakout Rooms allow teachers and professors to create smaller teams to collaborate with and learn from one another, all within the same meeting or training session. If you had 100 attendees you migh want breakout rooms of 3-4 people all working in teams.

By deploying Zoom cloud meetings and integrating with LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability) solutions, it makes it easy to schedule a meeting with any course activity and invite the right students from your learning management system (works with Moodle, Canvas, Desire2Learn and Blackboard). Universities and school can easily incorporate meetings into LMS, web applications and web sites using REST API

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Integrate classes and meetings into your LMS, web applications and web sites

Schedule a meeting with any course activity and invite students from your learning management system

Education Has Specific Needs

E-Learning for Student Anywhere

With distance learning and educational collaboration it is no wonder over 5,300 educational institutions, including 88% of US’s Top Universities, use Zoom for virtual classrooms, online courses, group projects, TA hours, and more

Breakout Rooms for during classes or Meetings

Applying the learning from a lesson or class is fundamental to the learning process. This is why Zoom has breakout rooms and allows for smaller group to go into sub room to discuss, question and apply the learning of the day.

Record Classes for Later Viewing For Learning

Zoom has recording built into the platform. You can record directly to your desktop or storage drives or take advantage of Zoom cloud storage options.

Works with Moodle, Canvas, Desire2Learn and Blackboard

Works on any device including Mac, Windows, Linux, Chromebooks, iOS and Android

Start Educating People And Recording Your Classes for Later Viewing?