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Happy customers is all that matters to Holistic Communications.

“I can now give live support to my staff, and assist in fixing the the particiapants or hosts challenges on the spot. ”


IT Manager

“Working remotely from home and client sites is now the norm across our team. You’ve saved our business so much time!”



“My customers have never been happier when it comes to understanding their needs and bring the right specialists together at short notice.”



What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“Being a rural Business we have poor internet connectivity. Even with the NBN in place we often run out of bandwidth or get shaped. We love Zoom becouse in any circumstance it just works. For remote business or poor connection of you or your clients then Zoom is the right choice”

Penelope Baker

Rural Manager

“We are always meeting virtual as an organistation which has many challenges. Meetigns can be from the office, home or on the go. With Zoom we can meet anytime from anywhere as everyone has a smart phone or computer somewhere! The video quality is outstanding and the Audio makes it seem as if yo uare the in person. You would be crazy not to use Zoom. ”

David Hunt

“We love Zoom metings as we are always out and about taking photos for our clients. The best way to communicate with each person in the team is via Zoom. The mobility functionality of the Zoom is quite simply amazing. I recommend it to others who are always on the go. ”

Heather Studdy

Works in regional Australia

Happy customers.

We are a regional government council. We have very bad internet and so do our staff, Zoom has been fantastic and works all the time, which we were not used to.

NSW Council

Applications Manager


Happy customers.

"The simplicity of the Zoom Rooms has also allowed our older staff to simply walk into a meeting room and with a single tap on the ipad their meeting is dialled in and ready before they even get time to sit down and open their laptops."


IT Manager

Insurance Broking

"Nice work on your Testimonial Generator. You've saved our business!"




thumb_01_120_120“We were simply amazed how clear the High Definition Logitech PTZ camera’s were when we plugged them in. And how simple they were to get working. I                              I will definitely be ordering again! I’m                                  good to go. ”

GM Information Technology

Financial Services Institution