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Zoom Video Conferencing licencing options and plans

Our Approach

We understand that effective collobaration for your teams and clients requires careful planning. Our approach to ensuring your success is to consult with you as trusted partners and listen to your needs. Our teams of experts will take a consultative approach to ensure that our solutions align perfectly to your needs.


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Our Services

Introducing a new collaboration framework into your organisation is not just about picking the best software or hardware to meet your needs. Any change to your existing IT platform requires careful planning to ensure a perfect fit. Our experts can assist you in planning, change management, implementation, training and intergration of our solutions to your existing IT eco system.

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Test Strategies, Design Solutions, Deploy Systems & Services

Supplement your Team Skills and Workforce

UC Strategy

Choising the correct UC product for your business requires careful consideration to ensure a perfect fit. Our teams can assist you to understand what is important for you business by conducting a deep dive into your exiting and future needs. From their we can help you align current and future needs to meet your UC goals. Our experience in this space will ensure you get the perfect outcome.



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Implementation Services

Our teams can help you implement your UC strategy. Services include design, procurement, change management, documentation and training, installation, configuration and managed services. If you are looking to intergrate our solutions into your existing IT platform, like salesforce, LMS or simply want to automate the adminstration of your zoom service accounts with your existing identity management platform (AD, okta etc) our teams have the know how to help you with API intergration as well as SSO.

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