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Conference calls have become a staple need of business enterprises. As new locations open up with each passing day and companies hire employees on a remote basis to service customers, conference calls enable teams that are dispersed to stay connected with each other. As the technology behind video conferencing has developed, the hardware that supports it has also expanded.

Here are 4 best conference room phones for your video conferencing room

  1. VTech ErisStation VCS754 – This is a perfect conference phone for managers who are required to cover vast range of distances and space during their calls. It provides four wireless microphones that can easily be deployed. They offer a large range of coverage. Its design is a duplex one and it comes with echo cancellation so that you can avoid cross talk or jumbled talk. Each microphone offers up to eight hours of talking time to you, with up to seventy hours of standby time. It also has a two-line backlit display which features both date and time and it can support up to fifty log entries and ten speed dial entries. This conference phone also offers Bluetooth support.
  2. EzTalks TVoice 100 – This conference room phone is ideal for all those managers who want to conduct their conferences with an extraordinary audio experience. The phone offers outstanding sound quality which is crystal clear. Its touch interface is easy to use. The phone offers several application modes with a 36-degree Omni-directional microphone. The pickup range can spread to eighty square meters with SNTP-based data and time synchronization. The network connection is a reliable one with integrated Bluetooth support. You can also find noise minimization and echo cancellation functions. The conferences can now be held with noise-free effect in order to generate an environment which is ideal for brainstorming.
  3. Polycom RealPresence Trio – This conference room phone is one of the most stylish sets that you will come across. It is endorsed with special features which make sure that your video conference is conducted in a smooth manner. These features include 360-degree microphone coverage, a single click to join integration of conference supported with Bluetooth technology. The microphone pickup covers a stretch of twenty feet. This conference room speaker phone is ideally suited for both modern and home meetings.
  4. Avaya B100 Series – This conference room phone offers features that make it possible to set it up easily. It comes with a built-in conference guide that provides intuitive keypads, allowing easier access. It administers conference calls for meeting rooms through a directory and web-based applications. It offers a duplex operation with call recording facility which is in-built. The phone can connect up to five locations. It can be expanded to both a PA system and a Bluetooth headset. 360-degree microphones are unidirectional and they can spread up to 750 square feet with a wideband audio technology.

As a business enterprise expands in both area and size, it would be smarter on your part to go for conference room phones for your branches. When you deploy conference room phones, you will be making it easy to allow logistical setups and wide-scale communication levels within your enterprise to enhance efficiency during your video conferences.


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