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There is no doubt that technology has become totally entrenched in a corporate business work environment. Tools such as sticky notes, whiteboards and flip charts have now been replaced entirely by instant messaging, spreadsheets and email newsgroups. Corporate business managers have become more mobile and they require access today to information round the clock and anywhere. Simply relying on email communication is not going to meet these demanding needs efficiently, any more.

Let us face the fact that the Cloud has changed the very perception of corporate business organizations and how they collaborate with each other, both in an internal and external sense of the words. Collaboration can now happen in real time, in the Cloud, today. Documents are now in a position to be distributed quickly to groups while multiple comments can now be consolidated, easily.

Getting a corporate business workforce to become more productive and efficient is not the only benefit offered by the Cloud. Cloud vendors have gone up in number and there has been nothing short of an explosion in the kinds of tools that are available for business collaboration, corporate business messaging and meetings. Cloud messaging is the order of the day and it has become the core of corporate business management and productivity.

Business managers and workers are turning to messaging apps based in Cloud because of the convenience being offered. There is a possibility now of frequent integrations with other types of services which boost productivity, such as HD voice calling and video conferencing. Cloud applications in business messaging are not only useful for corporate organizations but they have also proved economical for all SMBs to organize for their employees who can now use them for any type of device, anywhere.

Office 365

The best Cloud application that can offer security for corporate business messaging and meetings is Office 365.

This tool will come with the common Microsoft Office apps like Excel, Word and PowerPoint. It will also include OneDrive (for file storage), SharePoint Online (for collaboration) and Exchange Online (for communication). This is one of the most comprehensive suites in terms of security offered and its functionality and features. It scales in its utility value from large corporate enterprises to small businesses and it can integrate with multiple platforms.

Built-in Security

Office 365 is an app which offers service hardened by security and it has been exclusively designed to follow the Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle. It is combining the best security practices over the past couple of decades involved in building of enterprise software and in the management of online services to give corporate managers integrated software as a comprehensive service solution. It uses the defense approach in depth to offer logical, physical and data layers of security features and best practices for corporate operations.

Physical Security

Office 365 offers monitoring of data centers on a round-the-clock basis. Faulty hardware and drives are demagnetized and then destroyed. You can get biometric scanning facility for data center’s access and also expect multi-factor kind of authentication. Role separation provides location of specified customer data which is unintelligible to the workforce who have physical access.

Logical Security

A Lockbox is provided under strict supervision for an escalation process that would limit human access to valuable business data. You will be taught how to activate this Lockbox. Servers will be able to run only those processes which have been white-listed and this minimizes the risk from malicious codes. Dedicated teams will take care of threat management in a proactive way. They anticipate and prevent malicious access.

Data Security

Encryption protects, at rest, the data on its servers. The encryption is done in transit with TLS/SSL. It helps in protecting your business data when it is transmitted between you and Microsoft. Exchange Online protects while offering advanced security against spam and reliability against malware so that your valuable information is secured along with access to your email.

We strongly recommend Zoom cloud meetings system for all your corporate and enterprise communications platofrm requirements for secure comms.

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