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A number of business organizations are finding new ways to increase the efficiency of communication during a conference call. It is evident that employees of every organization demand to be effectively heard. However, conference calls are not always proving to be that much productive as people get distracted or keep on doing other tasks during a conference call.

We are now providing some suggestions that will increase the efficiency and productivity of official conference calls:

  • Make use of best available software application
  • Increase employee engagement
  • Employee motivation
  • Letting everyone speak
  • Spare some time for a session for question and queries
  1. Use the best available software

Companies must be choosing the best available online calling tool. Currently Zoom.us is providing high quality voice transmission through Zoom Conference Calls. These conference calls can also be scheduled for a later time by activating a URL and entering the time of meeting.

To schedule a Zoom conference call, add users to the conference, enter timings and activate the URL of conference call.

  1. Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is one of the key aspects of effective business communication. An employee who is more engaged in business activities is more productive, seldom makes mistakes and rarely thinks to quit the organization.

  1. Employee Motivation

Highly motivated employees are the best spokesperson of a business. Hence increasing an employee’s motivation is the key to increase business efficiency. An organization can boost up employees’ motivation by:

  • Giving freedom of opinion
  • Just and fair treatment
  • Focusing towards the primary strategic goals of an organization
  1. Letting everyone speak

During a conference call all the participants must be given the opportunity to speak and express their opinion. Muting majority of the participants so that only the host can speak most of the time is definitely not a good option. A good host should bring a caller to the front that did not have the opportunity to speak during a conference call.

  1. Question and Answer Session

At the end of every conference call the host must spare some time for question and answer session. This session may also include feedback and suggestions. This will increase the engagement of employees and they will participate more that will result in better and effective calling.

The pro tip of conference calls is to fully engage the audience. Employee engagement and motivation will produce an effective conference call. Any distractions, interruptions or voice breakage will decrease the efficiency and productivity of the call. For uninterrupted and smooth conference calls we recommend Zoom.us conference calls as they provide smooth and uninterrupted audio and video transmission.

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