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There has been a massive virtual technological boom in the world of training and human resources for all industry sectors over the past few years. Online video conferencing capabilities, such as those offered by Zoom web video solution has had a massive impact on the widespread growth of the virtual training industry. This in turn has led to many opportunities for human resource and professional trainers specifically. You can bring any real world place or training need into your training sessions making them more memorable and better for learning. This also includes bringing subject matter experts or of professional into your training sessions.

Trainers are widely sought after, and at times, they also tend to become a necessity. With registered training organisations which cover everything from certifying skills needed in the workplace to make people qualified to perform their roles or future jobs. If people are time poor, or their trainers are not local to where they work or live then this can add up very negatively, very quickly for a person advancement. Before one realizes it, it is almost impossible to get the qualifications and get locked out of better wages and responsibilities.

Organisations are consistently training employees or potential employees to learn and improve their development in order to progress and improve the acquisition of specific skills, knowledge to up-skill employee performance, train how to use technologies, tools, techniques, strategies and necessary abilities which will enable them to perform their job. Professional business training includes teaching employees their function for their job, how to use technology or procedures for existing or new systems. Training ensures you are helping a staff member to achieve specific standards or understanding of regulation in order for them to proficiently function in his or her job. Training staff is also done in conjunction with coaching and mentoring to make sure the leanings are used and truly understood.

Problems faced by clients:

  1. Trainers are not necessarily available all the time.
  2. We would need to organise travelling and time off to gain access to a professional trainer.
  3. Time is needed to get trained on a regular basis either during work hours or after hours.

With all the money spent up skilling and training, it is essential that the effectiveness of the training is the best it can be for all. I recently saw a personal trainer who was giving virtual training to people all over Australia to make sure people who could not traditionally access these services could.

Struggles faced by professional registered training organisations (RTO) and their trainers:

  1. Demand which change for different trainers.
  2. Ever changing workforce with ever changing enrollment numbers
  3. Trainers and trainees all have different technology they use of varying ages.
  4. The trainers with the right skills are not in the same place as the trainees or students.
  5. Training demands are consistently changing.

How can Zoom’s virtual video conferencing solutions assist professional trainers and human resources industry?

  • Cost effective – By reducing the reliance of travel expenses, fees , trainers (and their clients) experience quite remarkable cost savings.
  • Professional trainers are also now able to offer the same services at better rates, thanks to online video capabilities. And to a wider audience who would not traditionally be accessible.
  • International reachZooms web virtual collaboration tools, knows no geographical bounds.
  • Professional trainers are now able to offer their services internationally.
  • Further business opportunities – By being able to broadens their name and their brand on a worldwide scale, professional trainers are able to expand into other regions and leverage additional trainers to cover classes, or periods of flux, related services:
  • With Zooms online teleconferencing capabilities, trainers can also hold ‘group classes.’ The earning potential is advantageous when you take into account that Zooms virtual technology allows for up to 500 live viewers.
  • Time saving – Professional trainers do not need to lose an hour in between training sessions to travel to clients. At the same time, neither does the client face the need to brave traffic jams or lose precious time getting to the venue.
  • Zooms virtual meetings system has given us the precious gift of time. ‘Time is money’ they say, and any opportunity to save on both is surely a win.
  • Personalized service – Thankfully with Zoom’s business online solutions, the role of the professional trainer does not have to ‘end’ once the training session is over.
  • Sometimes we need a little extra push and continuous motivation. Zooms virtual instant messaging service allows the professional trainer the opportunity to continually monitor and motivate their clients. This could possible lead to better client retention.

We lead busy lives. Life in itself is expensive. In the same breath, a price cannot be placed on an individuals’ health, nor can it be neglected due to time constraints. This is the reality that we live in, and when one is afforded the opportunity by a company like Zoom to save time AND to save money while leading a healthier life, grab it with both hands. When you incorporate business video training solutions you can bring the real world into your training session or classes, making the learning relevant and memorable. this will make learning and sharing the knowledge easier.

Human resources have to train organisational staff all the time in procedural and regulated areas. This means your workforce is safe, working within the law and improve performance along with respect of others. Being able to consistently and thoroughly provide these training sessions to all, and even record them so the business can share these training sessions later means no on is left out. Ask the team at holistic how to use the training for large meetings, for 200, 500 or larger groups with functions like , hand up, recording, breakout rooms and much more…

It has never been easier to train others, provide a far-reaching service no matter your audience than in today web video conferencing world which connects all.

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