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What’s there for agricultural business and communities to compare for web video meetings and online video conferencing apps especially to use over poor internet to use for mobility in all rural regions areas?

There has been a massive virtual technological boom and the agricultural business industry over the past few years needs it more than other in my opinion. Online video conferencing capabilities, such as those offered by Zoom web meetings has had a massive impact on the widespread remote and rural communities. The regional educational sector in remote communities is gradually being adopted by more rural organisations as the bandwidth and internet capabilities grow following the sky muster and second satellite now in use. Thee virtual agri industry is changing how people engage and feel valued. This in turn has led to many opportunities for farmers and agricultural specialist and rural communities.

The agricultural sector is a scientific industry, or occupation concerned with cultivating land for all number of purposes to raising crops like fruit, vegetable, grains and the list goes on, and feeding and breeding, and raising livestock. Farming is an area which has been ignored and left to fend for themselves in most instances. Farmers are renound for sharing their knowledge and being innovative

Problems faced by rural business clients:

  1. Farmers are not easily accessible.
  2. It is expensive to travel to get advice or connect with other all the time.
  3. Time is needed to get anywhere or to get others to your farm or property.

With all the money spent farming activities the transference of skills and knowledge is slower or harder to have happen, but not because of trying or capabilities. The insane cost of travel, internet and a busy lifestyle – cost savings and time efficiency become extremely essential.

Struggles faced by farmers:

  1. Personal well-being can is neglected due to remoteness
  2. Ability to get help or training and speak to peer collaboratively is not easily achieved.
  3. Very limited local resource pool to access.
  4. Travelling expenses (to events, training and to towns or clients) adds up.

How can Zoom’s virtual video conferencing solutions assist personal trainers in the fitness industry?

  • Cost effective – Farmer are now able to offer the same services at better rates, thanks to online video capabilities. They can bring specialist and advisor together from anywhere in the world
  • Person health – By removing the need to travel for services or to be connected, more money can be spent on personal well-being (and their family and staff) medical staff or outpatient care and support can now be provided. Hospital and medical treatment still needs traveling but life saving advice or support or mental support can be delivered.
  • International reach – Zooms virtual collaboration tools, knows no geographical bounds.
  • Farmers, rural traders, agronomistis, agri commerce are now able to offer their services internationally.
  • Further business opportunities – By being able to broadens their name and their brand on a worldwide scale, rural business are able to expand into other rural related services:
  • With Zooms online teleconferencing capabilities, trainers can also hold ‘group training classes.’ The earning potential is astronomical when you take into account that Zooms virtual technology allows for up to 500 live viewers or up to 10,000 webinar participants.
  • Time saving – farmers do not need to lose an hour in between their working sessions to travel to clients or professional servicing them or providing advice. At the same time, neither does the client face the need to brave hours and hours of travel or lose precious time getting knowledge or advice passed on. Hands on can never be replaced but it can be enhanced or added to.
  • Zooms virtual meeting software has given us the precious gift of time. ‘Time is money’ they say, and any opportunity to save on both is surely a win.
  • Personalized service – Thankfully with Zoom’s online solutions, the role of the rural business professional does not have to ‘end’ once the training session is over.
  • Sometimes we need a little extra push and continuous motivation. Zooms virtual instant messaging service allows the business partners the opportunity to continually monitor and motivate their clients. This could possible lead to better client involvement and agricultural outcomes. Get training when and where needed. Get others with the knowledge to be there when it is needed.

Education for self or children can be hard and lonely, but when you virtual immerse people together through web video meetings for educational programs and learning, everyone wins, I could go on about this endlessly with family who live remotely but I’ll leave this for another article. But every person should be given the same advantages no matter where they live.

We lead busy lives. Life in itself is expensive. In the same breath, a price cannot be placed on an individuals’ health, nor can it be neglected due to time constraints or remoteness. This is the reality that we live in, and when one is afforded the opportunity by a company like Zoom to save time AND to save money while leading a healthier life, a more engage life and a more interactive life which you can grab with both hands.

Ask our team how you can take advantage of zoom video meetings over the internet or web for your rural or agriculture business.

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