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There are many web conferencing software solutions on the market today so choosing the best one for your small business can be daunting to say the least. The small business owner comprises the web conferencing market today and over $3 billion dollars is spent by the small business segment each year on video conferencing solutions alone. These face to face meetings are finally here, and all thanks to the remote worker, the distant learner, the employee who lives halfway around the world and speaks an entirely different language. All these once insurmountable obstacles are now made possible today because of the online conferencing solutions brought to you by the likes of Zoom web meetings, Skype for business, GoToMeeting and several other large names. So as a small business owner you may ask yourself, which one is the best? We have your answer right here… Zoom business video conferencing!


Zoom online web conferencing wins out in professionalism over Skype Conference call per millions of users because of overall appearance and video quality. Zoom’s video quality stood out over Skype’s in HD quality and crispness and Skype’s lack of professional grade multi-party calls and it tends to push users more toward its chat version of web communication more so than video meetings and conferencing sends users back to Zoom over and over. Skype just doesn’t cut it with professionalism for video quality.

Automation and Flow

Want to jump in and out of meetings and integrate your workflow with no added stress and hassle? If so then Skype web conferencing is not for you. Skype for small business web conferencing only got a five out of ten for workflow rating and integration into your daily meeting integration so steer clear if you need to jump into and out of meetings with ease while on the go. Zoom, however, allows you to easily integrate yourself into one meeting, leave, then plant yourself into the next with almost no downtime and you can enlist hundreds of your co-workers into these web conferences right along with you hassle free. Zoom was rated a nine out of 10 for ease of workflow and integration into your daily automation. Holistic Communications can install, deploy and configure and help you get your small business, enterprise or government agency up to speed all in one communications strategy solution up and running in no time, hassle free today.

Collaboration and Conferences

If you are looking to just chat or get together with your employees or co-workers, then Skype web conferencing for your small business will do the trick. If you want a more robust all in one web conferencing solution for your small business that can handle large groups of people, webinars, break-out meetings and handle your employees integration with several workplace applications all at once, then Zoom is the best online video meeting solution for your small business. Zoom virtual conferencing offers the most collaborative environment for every employee, no matter if they are across the hall, or in another country, using a video meeting rooms to get together and get work done. If you need a huge webinar, Zoom can handle that as well for 10,000 participants or larger if leveraging Facebook or YouTube. Skype does not even offer a webinar feature. Get your free consultation with Holistic Communications and get Zoom web conferencing all in one software solution for your small business today! Leverage what infrastructure you have today, and change to the latest technology as you need. The security is what enterprise, and government rely on and so can you.

Business and organisations of all sizes rely on Zoom unified communications platform to seamlessly, effectively and easily allow their workforces to communicate how they need without the need of support, in most cases!

For a full list of feature, functionality and how to use Zoom meetings platform for audio, video and screen share confrences, Ask our team how you could take advantage today.

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