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There is no better way to get a vast number of people together in a short amount of time, with little to no travel time, with almost no cost for accommodations for the venue, food or lodging and you do that for something to be said for far reaching networking channels. So let’s face it, if you can see your business partner half way across the globe clear as the nose on your face, without having to fly halfway across the globe and pay for it, well, that is priceless to say the least. If you have a high quality video meeting software solution that offers HD quality video, audio and webinar services with serious security protocols and your IT personal, or like Zoom, powered by Holistic Communications, which offer professionally trained technicians who setup all equipment for you, and offer training and twenty four seven customer service for any problems, you will be well on your way to a high quality business video conferencing experience that will reap several benefits that will soon make themselves clear.

Why Quality is important for Business Video Conference solution systems

Quality is important in just about everything we do in life, but for our business environment, almost everything we do is hyper-scrutinized and over-zealous. When we brand our business everything we put out to our stakeholders, business partners, employees and most especially the mainstream public has to be perfect. When we hold online business video meetings we have to be hyper-vigilant that everything is perfect or people will get bored with the same old things, complacent and not want to participate with our brand. Zoom does a great job of offering HD video and audio and other high quality and state of the art equipment and other things such as:

  • Bilingual offerings
  • Software defined video conferencing
  • Video conferencing rooms
  • The best ever video, audio and screen sharing that is unrivaled
  • Built with video and mobility in mind
  • Leading communications solutions for instant messaging
  • Leading communications solutions for group chats
  • Team built licensing
  • Beneficial for collaboration
  • Run full meeting from any mobile device or desktop
  • Built for all types of internet connectivity from dial-up, ADSL, Broadband, Satellite and any Business Network set-up
  • Real time controls for IT managers
  • Twenty four seven customer support
  • Full admin support and controls
  • Full scale company branding
  • Managed domains
  • LYNC integrations
  • And much more

Zoom, powered by Holistic Communications, offers the most all in one platform, with the highest quality video and audio ever in any business video conferencing software solution. No other competitor can offer what Zoom offers in HD video, audio, branding, business IM, screen sharing, and collaborations across networks, security protocols, webinars and audio conferencing. Gartner even named them a leader in the 2017 Magic Quadrant for Meeting Solutions and as a visionary and having the ability to execute. Now if the leading technology and research advisory firm is naming Zoom as a visionary wizard, who are we to argue. Get your free consultation from Holistic Communications today!

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