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Manage a conference call, online meetings, from Holisitc's conference calling services, free conference calls to over 55 countries for your next teleconference calling

Make a conference call using your telephone to call in to talks to several people who can be located anywhere, at the same time. Your conference calls are made to allow the participants to participate during the call. There are built in options to keep people in listening mode only, or allow them to talk. Have people state their names on entry to the meeting or audio tele-conference. All dial in audio calls are free and can be used 24/7.

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Easily create your teleconferencing account for your next conference call service or online meeting for anywhere in the world High Quality And Reliable.

Creating a Zoom account is simple, no need to use budget Teleconferencing service when it is free as part of your Zoom licence. You can use the audio calling service as much or as little as you like. Ask us for a free trial to make sure the service is what you are looking for, and if you like it you can go on a month by month licence. acoustic clarity is now the best you can get with our adaptive voice which has amplifiers and dampeners so everyone sounds the same volume no matter how they are connected. Deck out your call centre with the latest and most affordable Logitech headset for teleconferencing and get the best quality you can.

Save Money with FREE teleconferencing, Save Time with scheduling and online meeting management from your desktop, mobile or tablet. Holistic's audio meetings are Simple To Use, Reservation-less, and gives you Immediate Access. Participants use and Access Code to enter, and Conference Call Recording, Playback And Download Features are available for every meeting.

Web And Video Conferencing Features

Holistic Communications was founded on the desire to provide our clients with a quality solution to meet all their collaboration needs

Conference call service for Cross Functional, Divisional Meetings & Financial Discussion

Bringing your Senior management and key personnel into strategic online meetings, where your need to align all parties, Audio calls have never been more critical. Use Zoom to drive team engagement. Let all needed have their say and record your conference calls as needed.

Audio calls for Crisis Response Meetings, Teaching & Educational Seminars

rapid response execution when a crisis arises, you need to get all the necessary staff member in to action so you can quickly, effectively and clearly remedy the issues which have arisen and keep new challenges to a minimum. Safety of others is paramount.

International Conference Calling for Family Reunions, Calls to Family When Working Abroad

It can be very expensive when bringing large or even small numbers of people together to collaborate across country borders. But when Audio conferencing calls and free VoIP is part of your tool set, it has never been better that with Zoom. If required expand your online meeting to a video or screen share meeting for any number of people.

Business Conference Calls for Multi-Vendor Teleconferences, Joint Ventures & Business Partnership Meetings

No longer does your IT team need to manage an audio bride to allow large numbers of people for teleconference. With Zoom you can have, 50, 100, 200, 500 people standard on your calls, and if you really need it, you can have a webinar up to 10,000 people. bridging the divide for your consortium and large collaboration requirements just got that bit easier.

How do I hold a conference? How do I invite people to my conference call? How do I access my recordings?

I need my dial-in numbers, I need to hold multiple teleconferences are all questions we get asked. And with Zoom you can install Microsoft outlook, or google calendar plugins, manage every audio call or conference from your desktop, mobile or table from anywhere any time. It has never been easier to collaborate and you can extend your calling service to video and screen sharing with a click of a button.

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Free Dial in Audio to over 55 countries as part of your Zoom online meetings licence. Dial out audio and toll free audio available. Have free dial-in audio calls all day, everyday. Ask us today to try your next conference call.

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Conference Call Services for Regional & National Sales Online Meetings

Managing your sales professionals across any region is simple when it come to ZOOM. Use the dial in features or book the teams in using integrated diary options. If you need to get your message out clearer, then make your audio conference call an online meeting with HD video and screen share to make the calls clearer and shorter.

Audio Calls for Project Management Team Meetings & Online Board Meetings

Ever had to run a project where people are all located in different building, places, regions or countries. For getting the skilled people to communicate teleconferencing is simple with Holistic;s Zoom. Board Meetings are secure and can be locked and you can record them for later listening or viewing.

Teleconferencing for New Product Training, Launches & Partner Calls

Product training is simple for voice collaboration when it comes to training your teams. When you need to make a teleconference more visual you can turn it into a video call or present your document, training videos with sound with Zoom online meetings. call and invite your Partner or staff into a online meeting.


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