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The impact of new communication technologies is creeping up on all business organisations today. For example, the first personal computers were used as advanced typewriters and they wrote and printed office memorandums that were then routed through your office. As technology advanced, emails replaced internet mail. Business collaboration and communication technologies have mainly functioned in two large domains – they were real time and asynchronous.

Emails are examples of asynchronous communication mediums where every team member participates on an independent basis. Real time communications like VoIP or video conferences need participation of these members at one time, together.

To understand the difference between real time collaboration and the information river flow process, you need to be aware of synchronous and asynchronous messaging. Synchronous messaging will involve clients that wait for their computer server to respond to messages. In such cases, messages will flow in both the directions – to and fro. This is a two-way communication where senders will send messages to receivers who get these messages and then respond to the senders. Generally, senders will not push out another message until they get replies from receivers.

Asynchronous messaging will involve clients that do not have to wait for messages from their computer servers. Events trigger messages from servers. When the clients are not available, the messaging still gets completed successfully. This is a one-way communication and the flow of information is like a river.

Need for Work Stream Collaboration

To be agile in business and stay ahead of your competition, you need the drive for work stream collaboration and communication. Long term advantage in this competitive marketplace and gaining success in business is not based any more on making good widgets or relying on single core competencies. It is now dependent on being able to make good decisions and involving the right teams to harness collective knowledge. Information stream has to spread across not only to the internal employees but also to remote staff, business partners, clients and suppliers. It is better to identify status of unified business communication and collaboration in your business organisation and adopt collaboration software with Cloud solution in real time.

Effective collaboration needs much more than acquiring communication tools which are individual-centric. Work stream collaboration solutions promote a continuous dialogue among all your team members by offering a platform for group conversations. The teams have to be totally agile and they should be interacting with other team members quickly and simultaneously. This will include both real time and email communication tools.

Messaging is effective in a world of communication where team members stay connected, always. It offers the benefits of real time communication without being imposing. VoIP can be intrusive as other activities are frequently prioritized over those live call interruptions. The email boxes also become so crowded that expecting immediate responses is futile. With asynchronous messaging, you can expect messages to be sent to the whole team with written and shared history, simultaneously.

Cloud solutions for business collaboration represent the most effective category of business enterprise communications. These solutions will help with multiple modalities and presentation of content in one single application. When group conversations and all related context messages get centralized into one single application, it becomes encouraging for the central work flow stream. The space that emerges as a result of this work flow stream is known as business team collaboration or continuous communications.

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