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Whiteboards have been used for years in conference rooms to allow meeting participants to collaborate with one another. In online meetings the use of a virtual whiteboard has replaced the traditional whiteboard, although the concept is still largely the same. However, there are a number of benefits in using online collaboration tools when hosting a web meeting that are made possible through the use of the whiteboard in Zoom meetings.

Increased Productivity

Traditional teleconference meetings do not allow a whiteboard to be used effectively, as participants who are not in the same room are not able to see the annotations made on the whiteboard. However, with Zoom meetings it is possible for all meeting participants to see the whiteboard on their own viewing screen, and able to actively participate in collaborating with other members of the team. As a result, the team is able to be more productive without being in the same geographical location. As a result, the whiteboard feature is both effective and efficient for hosting a web meeting.

Making Annotations

One benefit of the whiteboard feature in Zoom meetings, is the ability to make annotations on the whiteboard. In a traditional meeting setting, it is often times the person hosting the meeting, or a designated person, who makes the annotations. However, in this case, it is possible for multiple participants to make annotations from their screen. This makes it easier for the team to work together to brainstorm and collaborate with one another to complete the task they are working on. Annotations are also able to be easily added to or erased, as is the case with a traditional whiteboard and dry erase marker.

Multiple Tools

The whiteboard feature offers multiple tools to make annotations easier for participants. There are options for making different shapes, drawing lines, and writing directly on the whiteboard for better brainstorming and communication of concepts. It is also easy to erase annotations, making it possible to make corrections easily. In addition, the whiteboard can be saved for future reference, making it possible to take notes easily for online meetings. Not to mention, Zoom meetings offer the ability to save the video and audio from a meeting for future reference, virtually eliminating the need for a person to take notes instead of being an active participant in the meeting.


Zoom meetings offer a number of different online collaboration tools for hosting web meetings. But one of the most beneficial tools is the Whiteboard feature. The different aspects included in the whiteboard help to create an environment that is closer to the traditional face-to-face conference meetings once used regularly in business meetings and now still used in online business meetings. To find out what other online collaboration tools Zoom meetings are able to offer your company, a member of the Holistic Communications team is available to answer any questions you might have. And to experience them for yourself without any obligation or cost, Zoom meetings offers a free plan for an unlimited period of time, that can be used immediately to host short web video meetings of your own.

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