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Online Tutoring has become such a viable option for lecturers, students and teachers alike. All parties, including the parents of the students, benefit from such Virtual Conferencing Tools.

Nowadays, thanks to online video conferencing software, there are many professions that allow you to work remotely from wherever you wish. You may work from the comfort of your own home or even while being comfortable in bed on a cold winter’s day, whilst travelling the world, or even in between other work projects and still earning a living. Zoom mobile apps and desktop apps makes all of this, and much more, completely possible with their forward thinking Virtual Collaborative Technological Solutions.

Fun Fact

  • Technology has advanced rapidly over the past few years and decades. From the first ever cellular phone making an appearance in April of 1973 by Martin Cooper of Motorola, to the first concepts of Video Conferencing being developed in the 1870’s, we only really saw Video Conferencing as we know it today from the 1990’s, when it actually became possible. The Online Virtual Technology then began evolving at an exponential speed.

It truly is amazing, how it went from where it was in the 1990’s to where it is today.

Apart from using Zooms Video Conferencing Tools to teach a Virtual Online Class, one could also use it to host Virtual Tutoring Workshops, one-on-one Online Tutoring sessions or even group based Virtual Tutoring. It is accessible to absolutely everyone who owns a computer, a tablet or a smart phone. This opens up a world of possibilities for Online Tutoring.

The Virtual Education Teleconferencing Industry has been moving forward steadily with the latest advancements of Online Collaboration Technology. Online Tutors can now offer an extensive range of Virtual Tutoring Services.

In today’s fast paced society, is there actually a better way than to Tutor your students Online via Video Conferencing?

  • You are in control of your own time.
  • You decide your Virtual Working Hours.
  • Online Video Tutoring can be done from the comfort of your own home (you may need to set up a professional looking space though, also depending on your level of Virtual Tutoring)

We were helping a psychometric company who engage with people all over the the asia pacific region, and the quality has been the biggest impact on client engagement. People who are technophobes are easily engaging into meetings and participation rates have been increasing.

One can promote their Online Tutoring Services in any State or Country

Through Zooms teleconferencing Capabilities, Online Virtual Tutors can dramatically increase their reach and earning potential by not only doing one on one Video Tutoring Sessions or sticking to their home towns, but by having the ability to create Virtual Classrooms, teaching up to 500 pupils at a time from absolutely anywhere in the world.

There are many routes to follow when it comes to Online Video Conferencing Technology that will allow you to do this, but Zoom reigns supreme especially for the ease of use for the business conferencing apps and video meeting room apps. If you have used a solution before, you will be amazed at the quality, effectiveness of your meetings and improvement it makes to your business or organisation.

Besides being instrumental in the Online Tutoring Market, Zoom also has many added benefits in Marketing Companies, The Healthcare Sectors, Mining Corporation Training, any Industry actually that is looking to cut costs, increase productivity and save precious time. The world and people will never stop evolving and neither will Zooms Online Video Collaborative Technology.


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