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Let’s face it, gone are the days of boring podium speakers, flanked by large projection screens with written words and large scary faces staring out at you. In today’s connected digital world people want collaboration type of technology where each individual can bring to the table their thoughts and ideas from anywhere in the world in real time. Advanced meeting and conferencing technology has become extremely collaborative and innovative over the last couple of years. Zoom, a leading communications solution driven by Holistic Communications, delivers state of the art conferencing software, video meetings, instant messaging capabilities, screen sharing ability and webinars using the latest in ground breaking collaboration technology.

It’s all Generational

Now that the baby boomers are mostly retired and generation X and Y are nearing or slowly winding down to the end of their careers it is time for millennials and generation Z to immerge. Meetings were once thought to be boring and non-productive in nature and a time killer. Often people would say things like “we just had a meeting to plan a meeting.” That is not the case anymore with interactive technology and collaborative meeting tools to engage participants. A survey found that over 50% of millennials found meetings, using today’s meeting and conferencing technology tools, which allow for remote access, to be more productive than traditional meetings and conferences. The visual and audio stimulation is overpowering and engaging which increases the overall experiences of the participants and results in productivity and enrichment. Zoom’s online conference software and collaboration tools offer hi definition audio and video that will exceed your organisations meeting and conferencing needs with excellent results.

Collaboration and Innovation

Technology is reshaping the meeting and conferencing venues today and the participants are demanding more and more innovation in terms of engagement and interactivity. Large corporations and even small businesses can no longer afford to hold traditional meetings and conferences and expect participants to show up in person each and every time it is required. The world today demands for collaboration of all the team players around the world to come together collectively via video conferencing, webinars, video meeting rooms or whatever name is given to a chosen online collaboration tool. Zoom is built for all business types and sizes from large corporations down to small local businesses in the government or private sector, non-profit or enterprise. We will customise a unified communications strategy for your business needs with no added expenses or needed hardware.

Put it in the Cloud

The biggest innovation in meeting and conferencing technology is the trend of cloud centred video conferencing. Cloud based video meetings and conferencing allows for all participants, no matter where in the world they are, to collaborate and share ideas and thoughts via video and audio transmissions. There can also be instant messaging, emailing and data storage done in the cloud as well. Zoom offers:

  • Asia-Pacific region connectivity ranges: dial-up, ADSL, Broadband, Satellite, select business on network setups- our cloud based web conference solution works with all of them
  • The fastest and best online meeting tool
  • Choose 100% cloud integration or multimedia servers- leverage between the two
  • Cloud storage enables recording of meetings on the go via mobile devices
  • Full encryption for top security

Engagement and Social Media

Whether you are holding a ten thousand participant webinar or live streaming engaging content to your social media followers engaged participants that have an emotional attachment to your brand is crucial. Making sure that your participants are getting as much out of your video meetings, online conferences, webinars, streaming videos, or whatever unified communication and collaboration solution you are providing, the more they take away from it and the more they will interact with others about it and share it with others. Zoom helps manage your engagement ROI with:

  • Webinar controls- manage panellists and attendees with a click of a button, i.e. Mute all, promote an attendee to a panellist.
  • Get reports on registrants, attendees, polling and Q&A for follow-ups
  • Record in the cloud or locally to promote to more audiences
  • Q&A dialog box where audiences ask and answer questions either live or via text
  • Receive and share audience input via polling
  • Zoom Raised Hand- increases attendee engagement much like Facebook Like Button
  • Private and group panellist chat which can be enabled for attendees
  • Full scale host control with mute/un-mute panellists, promote attendees, give permission for audio and video capabilities to panellists for further engagement
  • Practice sessions with panellists
  • Flexible registration options either manually, automatically or no registration needed
  • Customised branding options
  • Dual screen options

Instant Zoom Meet

In today’s world we are all on the go and constantly needing to stay connected using our smartphones. If you need to connect with your clients, employees or event via your smartphone or tablet then using Zooms best unified communication solution Instant Zoom Meet where you are constantly connected from anywhere at any time, promised. Zoom meeting delivers everything you need in customised remote access video meeting and conferencing software for your smartphone or other mobile devices and comes standard with:

  • Instant messaging so you can chat while on the go with employees, attendees at your events and engage with social media followers. It has ample storage space too.
  • Never miss a meeting again with video meeting and video conferencing ability right from your smartphone or tablet
  • Have the option to share content from other sources such as Dropbox, phone storage, photos and much more
  • Recording of audio and video right from your smartphone or other mobile devices
  • In meeting chat
  • Hi definition audio and video with built in amplifications and noise dampeners you will have crystal clear sound and video quality every time

Branding and Marketing

Marketing and branding is almost always hard for businesses especially when they are new and small. Marketing automation is crucial and is a technical way to simplify and be able to make the data measurable to increase productivity and revenue. When it comes to video meetings, video conferences, webinars with hundreds if not thousands of participants it is hard to make sure that your brand is getting across. Zoom understands that we need to bridge the gap between live event information and your participants to create a targeted relationship. Zoom enables IT managers to:

  • Build personalised URLS
  • Vanity URLS
  • Create branded landing pages for clients and attendees to think of as a solution
  • Create wonderfully branded emails
  • Stylised editors
  • Modern templates
  • Free Google fonts
  • Zoom offers twenty four hour seven days a week customer service
  • Real time controls for all IT managers
  • Real time company branding
  • Managed domains with limitless email accounts even if they are paying for their own
  • Single sign on using SAML 2 which eliminates the lost password headaches for other users
  • LYNC integration which is available to enterprise clients which gives availability to Skype for business for seamless communications systems. Gives you more applications at your fingertips to add to your desktop and other users can join your Zoom meetings as a standard member.
  • Onsite attendees input and activity is recorded and stored for future needs
  • Powerful yet simple
  • Customised branding where you can add your logos to all your communications
  • Full integration into any current developer technology stack which will give your applications video, audio, and screen sharing natively through your already existing development stack.
  • Most affordable solution for your marketing and video meeting and video conferencing needs because the licensing is built into the package so your entire staff can take advantage of the benefits as you collaborate.

Zoom meetings is a full scale unified communications platform that takes care everything for you from automating your marketing to keeping you moving but able to collaborate with your team with our web based video conferencing app Instant Zoom Meet for your smartphone or tablet. Engagement and interactions with employees, business associates and participants and attendees is important so we have included crucial components in our software based video conferencing strategy solution. Cloud based video conferencing and video meetings have become popular because of the lack of reliable connections and the need to increase productivity in meetings across the globe.

Holistic Communications saw this need and integrated it into our Zoom meetings video meetings platform and now you can choose to be 100% in the cloud or tethered to our server. Zoom meetings is the best video meeting software solution on the market today because of the advanced technology we offer here at Holistic Communications. We here at Holistic Communications know and understand the vastly changing landscape of the technological world today and the meeting and conference room is no different. Get the best video conferencing system in the world, Zoom meetings, today and we will help you meet the world head on. We have become the best online meeting tools because we know and understand technology, people and business so contact us today for your online video conferencing software consultation with the experts who take pride in exceeding our client’s expectations.


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