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As the world has become smaller, the need collaboration and fast-paced communication has grown. Certain collaboration tools that have managed to make communication and partnership much simpler, in part, have enabled this. Some of the most popular collaboration tools are:

  1. Zoom – A well-known collaboration tool, companies from all over the world are using Zoom. Designed for easy usage, it is a multi-purpose tool that is widely used for virtual business meetings, online conferences etc. It has many unique features that enable it to be used for online business meetings, integrated scheduling, video webinars, technical support, and training. Most frequently used for meetings, Zoom is very simple to use and invite others to a conference. All you have to do is send them a link to join the meeting and with a simple click on it, they will be able to do so.
  2. Asana – An easy to use collaboration platform, Asana is primarily used to monitor and track project movement. As a workspace, it completely eliminates the need for emails and messages as the platform can be used to communicate directly. Asana helps its users keep track of their work. A primary aspect of Asana is that lets its users to create milestones and check them off, as they are finished. This makes monitoring a team’s progress more visual and easy to understand.
  3. Podio – Known as web conferencing software, it makes it easy for multiple people to work on projects together. It allows team members or outside parties to exchange information easily without wasting time. The easy access to information cuts a lot of unnecessary steps, which waste a lot of time. What makes Podio even more convenient is that it allows users to select certain apps as per their needs. A custom-made workspace is definitely what every worker needs
  4. Slack – Another popular tool, Slack makes communication and conferencing easy. It makes for effective communication as it has both private channels and public channels. Slack can allows you to integrate it with other apps such as Dropbox and Google drive that makes it easy to collect all your data in one place.  It is a workspace that can be used by everyone who has been invited to it and is convenient for allotting tasks and discussing projects.
  5. eZTalks MeetingsA well-known software used primarily for webinars and virtual video meetings, it has some great features in place. It even has an interactive whiteboard that makes discussions and brainstorming on a virtual platform much easier. This feature makes it a go-to tool in offices and can be used to communicate with a large group of people. Rather than wasting time on other apps, it can be also used by users to communicate with their teams as it has instant messaging.

Global collaboration tools have made international communication cheaper and more accessible. They have completely changed the game and we can’t wait to see ‘what’s the next thing they do’.

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