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5 Tips to Make Your Business Meetings More Engaging for Your Attendees

Lets face it, many times you hear the word meeting and you dread the idea of attending because no one wants to sit there for an hour just listening to someone else speak. But in the business world, meetings are a necessity we cannot avoid. The key to keeping your meeting participants from feeling this same way is to engage them throughout the meeting. When they feel engaged in meetings they feel like their voice is being heard and they have contributed to the goals of the company. But what are the best ways to engage your attendees in your virtual meeting? Below are five tips for you to ensure participants are engaged in the meeting process and not dreading attending your next meeting.

  1. Begin with nice introduction

Begin every meeting by introducing all of the participants and presenters. When your employees are able to put a name and a face together, they feel more included in the work being conducted and feel part of the team. Unlike regular telephone conference calling when you are only able to hear the person speaking, when you hold a video conference you are actually able to see the faces of the other participants. One of the added benefits of seeing one another is that it helps to reduce the number of instances of people accidentally speaking over one another, or not being able to identify who is speaking at any given point in time. As a result, meetings are able to go smoother and keep participants engaged and actively contributing to the meeting.

  1. Engage the participants

Engage participants through the use of screen sharing software. When holding a virtual meeting, it is easy for participants to zone out of the meeting and be distracted by other things in their environment. This is often a result of a lack of visuals for participants to engage with during the meeting. Zoom meetings allows you to easily share visuals from one meeting participant to another to help give visual references for everyone to use and maintain their focus throughout the meeting. Screen sharing allows you to share PowerPoint presentations, videos, documents, and anything else you are able to open on your screen with other participants. One unique feature offered by Zoom is the use of a whiteboard to share information between participants. This feature also allows team members to make annotations making it ideal for brainstorming. When your meeting is saved, these annotations are also saved and readily available, making note taking and documenting a meeting a breeze.

  1. Ease the process of presentation

Allow for multiple participants to easily present information throughout the meeting. When your participants are not able to easily interact and engage with one another, they can become discouraged and lose interest in participating in the meeting. Many virtual meeting platforms make it difficult to transition from one presenter to another. This not only frustrates the presenters, but it also makes it difficult to maintain the attention of the participants throughout the meeting. By choosing a unified communications platform that allows for presenters to share information easily, no matter what location they are presenting from, this problem is eliminated. The ease of using the Zoom video conferencing software makes the transition from one speaker to the next nearly seamless.

  1. Go beyond the time zones

Make it easy for participants to join the meeting from whatever location they are currently at. With employees travelling, working from remote locations, and having office locations in multiple cities, the need to be able to join a meeting easily from multiple locations is important for participants to be able to not only attend the meeting but also engage with other participants. Many platforms are only available on specific types of devices. The Zoom meetings platform is able to be used on a Window or Mac computer, as well as on an Android or Apple based mobile device at the same time, without having to worry about issues of interfacing between the different devices. As a result, participants can participate at the push of a button from whatever location they are in, from a greater variety of devices than other services.

  1. Let the participants contribute to the discussion

Make sure your participants are given the opportunity to provide feedback, ask questions, and contribute to the discussion. A video conference makes it easier to see the participants and take visual cues from one another, so the conversation feels more natural than a traditional conference call. Some video meeting tools allow for participants to use screen sharing but may be limited in the other tools it offers. In addition to screen sharingZoom meetings allows participants to engage in chat with one another, make annotations using a whiteboard feature, file share, post questions for the presenter, and even save the meeting for future reference. As a result, participants are able to engage in the meeting using a number of online collaboration tools they would not have access to when using other platforms.

By using these five tips to encourage your meeting participants to engage in your next meeting can help ensure your meeting is a success. When participants are engaged, they feel their voice is important in the decision making process, and take a personal stake in the work being conducted. They feel valued and are more likely to put their best foot forward. When more people engage in the meeting process, they are able to contribute new ideas and offer different perspectives which may not have been considered in the past. When the team works together, problems are able to be better addressed, and some issues may be able to be addressed before they ever even arise.

In order for you to be able to engage participants in a meeting, you must make sure the platform you are using provides you with ample opportunity to meet your needs instead of creating additional frustrations. If you are interested in receiving additional information on how Zoom meetings and the online collaboration tools offered through Zoom are able to better engage your team, our customer service team is ready to answer any questions you may have, and help you to evaluate which features would most enhance your company’s meeting experiences.

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