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Throughout the last five decades, business meetings evolved from a round table conference into a video conference that involves multinationals spanning different time zones today. Video conferencing and its cemented future projects stronger strides that can breathe fresh energy and life into an industry which is just over a decade old.

Evolving Technology

For large business enterprises, video conferencing was considered a luxury that was nice to have and show off. Today, it has assumed the face of a `necessity’. This is mainly because of the technological advances in both the hardware and software involved in a video conference. There is a growing demand among business managers across the whole wide world for enhanced visual communication, particularly among the younger generation in the workforce. There are trends now that are telling us that things are gone to change at a rapid pace.

Software and hardware has continued to enhance the quality of video and audio projections despite a steep increase in the cost of the bandwidth available to the business world. You can use unimaginable compression methods today that can consume even lesser bandwidth than yesterday. It will help bring down the cost of video conferencing devices and services.

Virtual meetings can be held now in specially designed large rooms for conferencing. It helps collaboration at a cross-team level. Video calls are now possible on mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. You can also use a VOIP or conference phones while you are sitting at your desk. You do not even have to move from your work station.

Expectations will rise in terms of quality of services

As technology improves with every passing day, there are certain trends that you may be able to observe concerning the future of business meetings in terms of video conferencing. With the advent of Cloud services, video calls can now be made from anywhere in the world and at anytime you may like.

Today, a corporate workforce expects video conferencing services to be of a high quality. A survey was done recently by Redshift Research and the study concluded that more than 85% of a younger workforce in a large business corporation wanted to work for a company that is more `video-enabled’ over another that limited its investment in the field of video conferencing.

What does the far future hold for the way business meetings would be conducted?

The future of business meetings is all about holding virtual reality sessions. This growing trend in technology of video conferencing services will change the very way how people will interact with each other. There will be no more a stigma attached with selection of a video conference over a face-to-face meeting.

As you may have already noticed, it is becoming quite common during the process of interviewing candidates. Global companies are now seeking talent from all over the world and are learning fast that travel for an out-of-state vacancy for an interview is not always the best kind of approach. Research has shown that 60% of job candidates would prefer doing a video interview instead of travelling far to meet their potential employer.

With the integration of enterprise systems with video conferencing services, employees are finding unique ways of running virtual meetings that transcend the conventional methods. In the distant future, it will become commonplace to wear headsets like the ones provided by `HoloLens’ and combine both augmented reality and virtual reality into one whole experience. Participants in a meeting would now find themselves seated in one room together, regardless of where they may be actually located. This is done by means of holograms that are viewed through this type of a headset. The conference phone in a board room will soon turn into a paperweight item.

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