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What will Zoom Virtual Online Web Meetings All-in-one Platform Offer You?

In the world of online video conferencing services, there are many choices. Since most services seem to offer similar options, how do you select what is right for your situation? Is it true that what might be right for an individual, a small business or a large enterprise differs? Do all services adapt to many needs? Let’s examine some critical bottom line criteria.

Can I Start Small and then Expand the solution to fit my technology and company requirements??

Zoom allows you to start from 1 user and scale up for any number and any number of optional services. It is fortunate or intelligent marketing that most service providers give a beginner or first-time user at a low cost. It is important to understand your business or organisations needs in order to get the best value from a provider. If you have large needs there are enterprise or corporate pricing options to allow every person in the organisation to be able to communicate or use the system as they require. This means adoption will be the best you can get, with the price being inhibitive to your overall goals. Zoom online business services can be used by individuals and small businesses or large corporate’s effectively. Client can add any options from zoom rooms, webinars, large meetings, enterprise voice and SIP for board rooms, Room connectors for legacy conference systems and H.323 SIP. if you need organisational wide options or packages ask our team of professionals how to get the best value from collaboration.

Get your free trial for Zoom video meetings which provides the following for free. These are the significant key areas. Visit our website for the complete list of feature for all levels. www.hc.services/pricing

  • Unlimited one on one use
  • Group web meetings for 40 minutes
  • Local and cloud recording
  • Private and chat areas
  • Whiteboard capability
  • Screen sharing

Beyond the free membership, more capabilities are added with the price ranging from $20.99 to 27.99 a month.  This same free service can scale up to 500 video participants with 10,000 view only attendees. That is a fee structure that most businesses can afford!

Can I and My Staff Use it immediately for web conference?

The key to effective implementation of technological solutions is ease of use. Zoom’s service was specifically designed with this in mind. While it is true that many staff have acquired web skills, not all have moved forward in this area. The user interface is simple and intuitive. The meeting manager can send individuals a link that allows them to join the meeting automatically. In addition information is recorded automatically so no notes need to be taken for the meeting manager. The set up can be complicated for those who are new to web meetings but there are tutorials and YouTube videos to enhance the learning process.

Does it fit My Business type?  Is it adaptable to many situations?

Zoom online business meeting is a tool that can be used in many circumstances from a client / owner discussion to webinars or to have a virtual meeting with staff in various parts of the world about a new innovation or company procedure at the same time. Its flexibility with the use of a variety of media forms and sharing of ideas lead to deeper understanding and encourage immediate feedback. Zoom supports the upload of videos, PowerPoint presentations and the use of a digital whiteboard environment as well as sharing of screens among participants while you are having web conference with peers.

Does Zoom virtual web conferences use the latest technology?

With any remote service system, it is important that enhancements will be based on sound technological practices. According to the information on Zoom’s website, over 750,000 companies trust Zoom and 94% of their IT organizations would recommend Zoom.

What languages is Zoom meetings application available in?

To assist users in their native Languages, zoom app software is available in: English, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese.

What systems and Apps Does Zoom meetings and video conferencing software run on?

Zoom virtual video conferences App is available on the App Store for iOS devices and Google Play for Android devices. This is the iPad, Mac desktops and the iPhone. And compatible with all other devices, android mobile phones and desktops.

Zoom allows you to be connected wherever you go and comes standard with the ability to hold a 100-person meeting with high quality clear video, very loud audio (in built amplification or dampening), instant screen sharing, and cross-platform group messaging, and the best is free dial in audio so you never pay for audio conferencing ever again!

It’s super easy! Install the free Zoom app, click on “Host a Meeting,” and invite up to 100 people to join you on video!

Key Features:

  • Best iPhone and iPad and Android video meeting quality
  • Best iPhone and iPad and Android screen sharing quality
  • Screen share directly from your iPhone or iPad or Android devices
  • Screen share photos, web, and iCloud, MS OneDrive, Box or Dropbox files
  • Screen share apps via iOS AirPlay and more
  • Co-annotate during screen sharing on iPhone and iPad and use white board functionality
  • Real-time whiteboard collaboration on iPad or Android devices
  • Send group text, images, and audio files from mobile and desktop with built in messaging search
  • Contact availability status for IM (instant messaging and group chat)
  • Easily invite phone conference call contacts, email invites, or company contacts into any meeting
  • Join as interactive participant or view-only webinar attendee and record any conference for viewing or distribution later
  • Works over WiFi, 4G/LTE, Satellite and 3G networks with jitter and packet loss management
  • Safe driving mode while on the road for your safety
  • Connect with anyone on iPad, iPhone, other mobile devices Android, Windows, Mac, Zoom Rooms, H.323/SIP room systems, and telephones, Zoom rooms video conference rooms for 1, 2 or 3 screens including touch screens in conferencing rooms
  • Start a meeting by asking Siri to “start a Zoom video call with….”

Based on all of the discussion of these questions that most business owners and managers have about on virtual video meetings, the decision to include this type of solution is not that ‘will we use this technology’ but when can we make it happen for all our web business video call, conference calls and online meetings?


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