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Technology has advanced so much that today virtual video conference is being used increasingly to bring people together from distant locations to conduct business and meetings. Virtual video conferences have become popular as the recognised and acceptable medium to reach larger audiences. Businesses in specific industries have finally realised that all virtual video conferences that are held online are less expensive than the face-to-face meetings.

What is a Virtual Conference?

A virtual video conference will allow participants located at remote places to access live meetings onsite from their desktop computers or laptops. They will be able to participate in business events and meetings from any part of the world. This kind of conference can be hosted over the internet and participants do not have to be physically present in that place to attend a conference. They will be attending a virtual video conference room. This is possible with Holistic Communications and video conferencing applications and tools such as Zoom Rooms. These are virtual conference websites that have been designed especially for giving the participants a virtual experience where they can take part in meetings with complete ease.

Apart from virtual meetings or conferences, they can also take part in live business events, networking opportunities, discussion forums and resource centres to chat and discuss with other participants in a video conference.

Types of Virtual Video Conferences

There are three kinds of virtual video conferences. They are web conference, teleconference and video conference. These types of virtual conferences can be applied to several industries and business situations.

Web Conference – This type of conference uses the internet and web browsers to connect businessmen or business groups together from different geographical locations for the purpose of training and attending educational webinars along with video conferencing and collaborative meetings online. They can also attend live presentations, in real time. A web conference will allow point to point communication in real time along with multi-communication from one person sending to many receivers. It provides data streams of vice and text-based messages along with video chats that can be shared simultaneously across dispersed locations, geographically.

Teleconference – This will connect participants through telephone lines when they want to attend a virtual meeting. This is made possible through cellular devices or land lines that enable several people to simultaneously connect from various multiple locations. This includes phone conferencing and audio conferencing. With this medium, the only handicap is that there is no visual kind of reference for all the participants in that particular meeting. People will not have access to specific identity when they are speaking as they cannot watch each other.

Video Conference – This will allow participants to hear as well as see each other during a virtual meeting with the help of a video camera attached to a computer with a built-in microphone or a built-in camera of a smart phone or a tablet. There are many types of providers offering video conferences today, such as Zoom, Skype and ezTalks. All you need is software for video conferencing, a computer that allows a webcam and a microphone speaker or a mobile device with reliable internet connectivity. This is helpful for applications such as job interviews for candidates in faraway locations or when you want to arrange group meetings online for business. It is also helpful for employees who are working from home and telecommuting. It is ideal for holding sessions of brainstorming and for planning projects.

With a unified communication platform provided by Zoom Video Communications and deployed by Holistic Communications, you can never lose touch with your key business team members, wherever they may be located in the world. It will save your company significant amount of money on travel expenses and long distance phone charges. This is your comprehensive virtual conferencing solution.

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