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With technological developments in the digital world today, it is tough for both small and medium-sized business enterprises to keep up with the pace of implementing security protocols over the internet. There is an added problem of facing exorbitant cost for maintaining an internet technology team.

There is solace for such business enterprises in the form of Zoom Rooms provided by Holistic Communications. You will get all those extreme security protocols that will protect your business and your marketing technology team from the danger of security hacks. You will avoid those large expenses of depending on information technology professionals. Zoom offers you solutions through its communication software and you do not have any more worry of security problems.

This is the program that will give your business secure conferencing for any room, any meeting and any device. This is one of the best software for video conference that you can lay your hands on with high priority on maintaining security. You can use it for any virtual online business application.

What are its client applications?

  • User security which is role-based – All these capabilities for maintaining security will be available to you as a meeting host:
  • You will be allowed end-to-end encrypted meeting sessions.
  • You will be allowed a secure log-in and you can use standard username/password.
  • Single signing on facility.
  • You can invite selective participants through emails, instant messaging or SMS. It will give you better control over distribution of access information concerning meetings. As a host, you can generate meetings to allow limited members from a selected domain email to participate.
  • Meeting details’ security – Zoom will help you retain details of events pertaining to specific meeting sessions for reporting and billing purposes. These details will be stored at a secure database for review by customers on their portal page once they have logged on in a secure way.
  • Application Security – All your presentation content will be encrypted at the application layer with the help of Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit algorithm. The E2E (end-to-end) Chat Encryption Zoom facility allows for secure communication as the intended recipient alone will be able to read your secured message. Zoom uses private and public keys to encrypt all chat sessions with AES 256. All the session keys get generated with device unique hardware identity to prevent data being read easily from any other device. This makes sure that your meeting/sessions cannot be tampered with or eavesdropped by any intruder.

Cloud Video Conferencing

Zoom helps in unifying cloud video conferencing and all online meetings along with group messaging with its conference room solutions that are software defined. All this comes to you as one platform which is easy to use. You will get quality audio, video and wireless screen sharing experience across all systems such as Windows, Linux, Macintosh, Chrome operating systems, Android, BlackBerry, Zoom Rooms and H.323/SIP room systems. Security is placed as the highest priority in the complete life cycle operations of both hybrid and public cloud networks.

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