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With the arrival, this month in Australia and Asia for the new Logitech Group NUC and available kit for the connect also, the video conference meetings game has now changed for ever. Logitech are now or must be almost number 1 for camera sales globally and these new NUC bundles will only make them more of a market leader, even more so than CISCO. This has been a long time in the waiting and is an exciting time to be part of IT communications.


The top two reason you should be looking at the Logitech group bundles, which consists of camera (either PTZ range or Connect), NUC, Microphones, Logitech Group ConferenceCam Bundle, A Powerful Pre-built Intel NUC (i5, 8GB, 180GB SSD, Wifi, Windows 10 Pro), Iluminari Quicklauch SE Software, Wireless Keyboard & Mouse, which goes with all screens or touch screens is:
1. Best Quality and High Definition Equipment
2. Best Value in market for Video Conferencing Hardware


All the Logitech Group kits is perfectly made to go with ZOOM cloud meetings and video conferencing as well as most major video system on the market. WE help all organisations when it comes to hardware but if ever asked will always recommend Holistic’s Zoom Rooms or solution in combination with Logitech. Having the versatility to create video conference rooms which are different sizes is necessary to design rooms suitable to your needs.
Meeting participants now can be easily seen and heard. GROUP delivers HD video and exceptionally clear audio. Optional expansion mics are available for larger rooms. Advanced features like acoustic echo cancellation, noise reduction technology, and intuitive controls deliver natural


The connect is versatile enough to be moved around using the WIFI connection or be plugged in to the NUC using cables. It is designed for smaller rooms and small meeting participant numbers.


To set up a video meeting with GROUP, connect it to your laptop through USB, and you’re good to go. Use GROUP with any video conferencing software, including those you already use. For great-sounding audio calls, pair your mobile device with Bluetooth® wireless technology to the GROUP speakerphone.


Everyone hears and can be heard with GROUP’s duplex speakerphone, which delivers sound that’s crisp, clear, and highly intelligible. Acoustic echo cancellation and noise reduction technology make conversations natural-sounding while reducing reverberation and ambient noise.


Bring meetings to life with GROUP’s high-quality HD 1080p video at 30 frames per second. H.264 compression reduces bandwidth. 10x zoom provides close ups with detail and clarity. ZEISS® lens certification meets high standards for video quality. Autofocus simplifies setup.
Best Value in market for Video Conferencing Hardware


There is no other system when combined with ZOOM video conference software which adds up for value as an entire solution. The Kits are between $2,999 ex gst and $3,999 ex gst depending on the bundle which suits your business or organisation. A room connector from Holistic is $750 ex gst dollars a year for unlimited meetings so no reason not to put in more video rooms which suit all purposes of collaboration and size. Ask us how to start taking advantage today.


With the rich video conference capabilities, which automatically adapt to the environment of the user, there is simply no better solution than ZOOM Rooms video conferencing and Logitech video conference hardware for all your virtual meeting needs.

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