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Are you looking for an innovative online meeting solution for your business collaboration? Holistics communications zoom rooms video conferencing software can be the answer to all your queries. Zoom rooms is the online conference software that makes it possible for anyone to host a professional web seminar from the comfort of their own office. Zoom rooms is the worlds first SDVC or Software Defined Video Conferencing system that runs in your conferencing rooms. Zoom rooms combines video conferencing, cloud conferencing, wireless content sharing and integrated audio into one easy-to-use platform.

In comparison to other web conferencing software zoom rooms is considered to be the best because of its unique features that enhance the quality and standard of virtual business meetings. Zoom rooms combined latest technologies thus standardise the web collaboration as follows

Zoom Rooms in Standard Business Collaboration

Zoom rooms is a one touch solution to start the meeting. It provides centralized management of conference rooms. Wireless sharing is available at zoom rooms. Zoom rooms interoperability with H.323/SIP can communicate with any legacy endpoint, including polycom, Cisco and lifesize. It also provides HD video and audio conferencing experience to any size of room. It can include all types of remote participants on desktop, mobile, or any other conference room systems.

Zoom rooms supports hybrid cloud technology that provides meeting connector for private cloud service. It also provides virtualised software setup in minutes. Instant global service backup is available to its users as well 24×7 online monitoring. The security systems in zoom rooms is very high as it logs in through email. Single sign-on (SSO) or Google login is also available. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption is also available. Https control role based access control is available. Admin feature controls right has given to its users.

Zoom rooms combines above mentioned technologies and features thus it provides ease of access to the users. Holistics high quality, easy-to-use, and reliable cloud meeting solution allows businesses to connect to its various clients, customers, employees and business together smoothly without any hassle.

If you are awaiting for the very latest technology that meets all your virtual collaboration needs than holistics zoom rooms can make you sure about that. Holistics zoom rooms serve across the Asia Pacific region. Place your queries related to online conferencing method via zoom at +610280033899 or contact at info@hc.services.com




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