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Bringing all communication tools and modes to a unitary platform is called Unified Communication and Zoom.us is doing it perfectly with online PBX using Zoom phones. Delivering the true unification of business communication is the paramount concern of Holistic Communications. Our deployment team is dedicated in making effortful attempts to develop and improve the unified technology for business communication. Fortunately, Zoom has been the market leader for virtual meetings, VoIP, video calling and digital rooms has brought the dream of Unified Communications in addition to Zoom phones PBX into reality.

As you will use Zoom.us online business meeting rooms, you will enjoy the end-to-end modern tools of virtual communication. Since the year 2018, Holistic Communications is publicizing new means of communication technology including VoIP integration and cloud PBX with zoom phones. With these additions, Holistic Communications is moving towards a Unified Communications’ platform. Now, in the year 2019, we are offering a comprehensive module of virtual business meetings, webinars and video conferencing with online PABX addition.

By using online PBX and Unified Communications with Zoom.us, our business clients can enjoy the following benefits;

  • Minimum response time
  • Unified collaboration of media
  • Multimedia enabled services
  • Unified emails
  • Single point of access
  • Virtual transactions
  • User-friendly interface for calls management
  • A platform for online and video first with all you need

There are many unified log-in applications offered by Zoom for the business organizations around the globe through which they can use various applications and web meetings’ virtual agents with a single sign-up. In the addition of cloud PABX we have also enhanced user experience with digital backgrounds, audio signature and controls via headsets.

Online PBX and Unified Communications are the future of virtual business meetings. Zoom.us focusing on the need of the hour is moving its integrations, access points and log-ins to a unified platform to enhance business professionals’ virtual communication experience. We have focused on all the channels that are used by organizations around the globe for their day-to-day interactions. The unified communication concept is now moving towards the unity of emails, VoIP, Audio and Video Conferencing, Presence statuses and Social Media platforms.

The time is near when cloud PBX and Unified Communications will become a part of every business routine interactions as the lines between different business communication channels is going to blur soon.

In a nutshell, Unified Communication is not a technology or integration itself but a continue process that will converge various modes of business communications in a single technology platform and strategy.  

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