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If you own a small, medium or even a large business you need a decent VoIP or a Voice over Internet Provider which gives your business a way to make phone calls over a local area network or the internet. This is a very modern and high quality way of making phone calls or transforming analog voice calls or signals into digital calls or signals and sending them out onto the internet making them available anywhere in the world where the internet is available and giving you a great way of transforming your current businesses web conference solution. With that being said there are many advantages to this technology but there are some disadvantages as well, but as you will see, the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages, especially for businesses. Some advantages are extra features, higher quality, more scalability and flexibility, better cost and accessibility. Some disadvantages could be emergencies and power outages, loss of internet connections and lack of reliability and huge network latency. If your business desires a VoIP system get a free consultation with Holistic Communications today and our expert technicians will help get you on your way with a fully scalable unified and customizable online video conferencing software solution with VoIP services to suit all your small, medium and/or large business needs.

The Few Disadvantages

Of course you need a reliable internet connection, but, in this day in age, who does not have a reliable internet connection? Bandwidth is your second priority and if you are wondering what bandwidth is, it is the rate at which data can be transferred on your business network within a given time frame. So the bandwidth strength tells you how fast and efficient you can download your files, open web pages and do just about anything online, so if your bandwidth is lagging, your VoIP quality, download speed and overall system will be a dud, making the choice to switch to VoIP as your main video conferencing system a bad one. This is where latency comes in to play as well, but as newer technology and data systems are designed this problem becomes more obsolete. The least potential drawback to having VoIP services is your power supply like electricity and emergency backup power etc. If you don’t have a generator and your power goes out or you have an emergency, such as a fire and the power is shut off, then our VoIP system will go down. You need consistent power and cable lines to have your system running at all times.

The Advantages

The best advantage to the VoIP system as part of a unified web based video meeting software solution is the availability to be anywhere in the world and still be in contact with someone clear across the other side of it. As long as both parties have access to the internet you can talk via VoIP no matter if you are ten thousand miles apart. Another great advantage is it cost significantly less than traditional business phone systems for a VoIP system possibly saving you thousands of dollars annually. Plus, with VoIP you get added features and upgrades you don’t get with traditional business telephone systems such as three way calling, call waiting, call forwarding, voicemails, caller ID and you can also add on upgrades such as sending data like pictures and documents at no added cost while you are engaged in conversation with clients on your VoIP system. Other advantages include extreme flexibility because you are only limited by your bandwidth you can potentially have thousands of connections and the overall quality is exceptional, far above the traditional phone system.

Get your complementary consultation today for your unified video conferencing software solution with VoIP solution from Zoom with advanced technology advantages that far outweigh the disadvantages powered by Holistic Communications!!

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