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Break Out Rooms and White Boarding In All Your Meetings

Collaboration services are vital to anyone’s organization when people are trying to understand each other’s shared learnings. One of the best ways to create allow professionals, staff, clients and business partners in their collaboration initiatives is the use of White board annotations and break out rooms is a must for any communications meeting software.

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Team White Boarding: Online Whiteboard & Online Collaboration Tool for Real-Time Discussions

Easy to create visual images and notes which can be recorded as part of one virtual meeting. You can have a high quality explainer in no time through the power of white board visual aids.

It is as easy as getting out a pen and paper and drawing what you want to convey to your audience from a touch screen or in some cases using your key board & mouse. Let us look at some of the key benefits of whiteboard annotation explainers for your business.

Web And Video Conferencing Features

Holistic Communications was founded on the desire to provide our clients with a quality solution to meet all their collaboration needs

Affordable As White Boards Is Free With Holistic's Zoom

Whiteboard annotation explainers are quite cheap use by yourself. We provide this functionality as part of the licencing for Holistic’s Zoom video conferencing and online meeting platform. All you need are participants and practice. That’s it

Relatable As Most People Are Visual When Learning

Most potential customers can relate easily to watching recorded advertisements which again you can achieve using Holistic’s cloud zoom conferences or have someone drawing or writing on a blank canvas eg a virtual white board. In fact, it is a preferred medium for many businesses as of today in translating ideas and IP.

Profitable As You Don't Need To Hold 10 Individual Meetings

If you use whiteboard explainers for your business meetings, it will help you bring down your collaboration budgets, while boosting conversations, projects and sales.

Room for Creativity for All participants

Whiteboard annotation allows you to express your company’s identity, products and services creatively to your target audiences. Combined with productive meetings, you can make a strong impact on potential customers or stake holders of your web conference during the collaborative process.

Up to 50 breakout rooms sessions or sub rooms can be created per Meeting

Max 200 participants in a session (requires Large Meeting 200 add-on). Breakout session participants have full audio, video and screen share capabilities.
Host can hold up to 50 Break Out rooms to each Meeting. Multiple break out rooms in the one main meeting and in turn provide a seamless and necessary conferencing experience. This is fantastic for project teams, education group and all collaborative meeting needs.

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When it comes to having productive collaboration sessions, it can be very useful to have break out rooms. This way people who want to have a deeper discussion regarding a topic within the meeting can go into a separate virtual conference room and discuss with full meeting options like screen share, animation etc... and once done re-join the main meeting in action.

Connect to experts

Flexibility to Hold simultaneous Meetings In One

Enables staff, clients and participants including students to work more productively in smaller teams as needed. A team can alert the host when they need help, and the host can visit any of the breakouts to assist and answer questions, from project or learning initiatives.

Feature-Rich Break Out Rooms

Participants or all attendees in their Video Breakout Rooms, attendees can use all the features including video, audio, chat, whiteboards, and screen sharing to collaborate with each other.

Scalable Break Out Rooms Capabilities

The Hosts main meeting can hold up to 200 attendees; the host can automatically or manually divide meeting attendees or participants into up to 50 sub breakouts.


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