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What Is the Best Web Based Meeting Software, System, Online Tool or Solution for Conferencing

Businesses around the world use cloud meeting software to communicate wirelessly with their employees, clients, partners and service providers. Utilizing web based meeting clients enable meeting hosts to invite anyone to their online meetings and video conferences and enjoy high quality online virtual collaboration from anywhere, at any time.

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Using the best cloud meeting software will improve your business growth, increase skills sharing and provide better team engagement

To go ahead with a web meeting, you need to make sure that you choose the right software, which gives you the features that your business requires. Any modern business meeting client must be functional across all platforms and devices, provide crystal clear HD video and audio feeds, enable file and screen sharing (without any external software), and be resource friendly. With these features, you can have seamless, instant collaboration, without the hassle of organizing face to face board room meets. What is the best web meeting software? Let’s find out -

Have the best web based unified communications system that provides several powerful features to ensure swift and hassle-free communication and collaboration with up to 500 participants simultaneously(10,000 in webinars). It has a fast setup, lets you start one click meetings and invite participants from any mobile, tablet, desktop or laptop devices, or H.323/SIP communication endpoints i.e. Cisco, Lifesize, Polycom etc.

Web And Video Conferencing Features

Holistic Communications was founded on the desire to provide our clients with a quality solution to meet all their collaboration needs

Web Meeting Software Scalability and Mobility for a Flexible World

There is no limit to the number of meetings the Zoom platform can handle. It is built with flexibility and an elastic infrastructure for all demands globally. One less head ache for your IT team.
Zoom was build with mobility and video in mind as the core of the solution. All your web conferencing will work on any mobile, smartphone or tablet. You can have meeting on the go, with the best quality there is.

Virtual Online Web Based Meeting Security and Data Loss Prevention

Your organisation will be transmitting and sharing confidential information when using web conferencing software. You can enable SSL encrypted communications for all meetings, and leverage the data loss prevention on water marking screen sharing with the hosts email address. It means you can track down who shared the information if a breach ever occurs. as with everything you have to rely on your staff.

Online Web Conferencing Quality for Audio, Video and Screen Share

Zoom web based virtual meetings solution uses the latest codec for the best performance under any circumstance. This means the tools for collaboration don't hinder your teams. The highest quality you can achieve for video, screen share and audio quality come from the leading #1 cloud platform of Zoom. Your teams can meet, and not have drop out, bad audio and no bad user experience meaning more meetings and more meeting time.

On-premise Web Meetings Software or SaaS Cloud Hosted Solutions

We offer the best of both worlds. If you believe you need an on-premise products for communication on your network we have multi media servers for on premise, and redundancy in the cloud if anything fall over. Being hardware agnostic you can use any hardware you might have or particularly like. And your off network communications can leverage our global infrastructure to access the meetings via the Internet from anywhere.

Adapting you organisation to new ways of communicating and collaborating using web based video conferencing

Enterprise, SME's, Corporate, Small & medium businesses are growing and adapting to new ways of doing business and in ways which clients want to be engaged. If you Were a client needing an answer or response to an important question or need, would you want to travel interstate, interrupt a holiday or drive to someone to sit down and have your meeting.

Now you can use online web based conferencing solutions with powerful inbuilt collaborative tools and high definition video for your business meetings. Simply set up from just about anywhere, as the normal sit down meeting from the past in no longer as rigid as it used to be. Flexibility is key to an open and diverse office culture and especially for the demands of younger staff like millennials.

Holisitc's Zoom and Logitech hardware for web based conferencing software helps to connect people across vast distances, or bring people from multiple levels in one building together with no technical impasses, and create new collaborative spaces like huddles rooms or mobile meetings.

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For your team to successfully deploy and use Web Conferencing Software for online meetings and video conferencing, there are standard features you need.

Audio Conference Calls with high quality audio communication with in built adaptive voice.

Room based Video Conferencing in the same platform, with the latest codecs and bandwidth management for every participant.

Ability to schedule web meetings from Exchange or google calendar being intuitive and integrated.

Cloud or on-premise Recording of Conferences for future use.

Breakout Meetings for up to 50 break out rooms in the one meetings with in meeting notifications and control.

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Save Money With Online Web Meetings System Solutions

Your team will not need to spend considerable money to find out if there are opportunities, you can meet virtual first reducing un-necessary travel especially long-distance and international. Qualify first then travel if right. Stop wasted time getting to meeting between building or offices. And get the benefits of productivity gain to beat your competition.

Increase Productivity Using Business Web Meeting Software

Bring project in on time or early through superior communication, and beat your competition. generally Zoom client get 40% productivity gains or more on average. Get saving of Up to 70% and give web conferencing to all your staff, so there are no limitations.

Reduce Travel and Increase Face Time with Web Video Conferencing

Your team will be able to hold meetings from their offices, the homes when working from home, on the go from their mobiles when travelling. When you need to meeting with team mates, clients and partners you can immediately and more often. Rather than fewer in person meetings. We recommend combining both to get more face time.


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