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Legal practices have been some of the leading organization when it comes to providing the communications tools required for collaborating with team members between one office to another office. When you go to most legal offices they have the latest video conferencing rooms with camera, screens and swanky boardrooms to impress their client who visit. Most are not the easiest to use and don’t get the ROI anticipated which is why it is critical to choosing your communications platform.

When it comes to virtual meetings with clients, staff at home or in remote areas, it has been a struggle to find an practice which does all this in one system which works every time. Especially for immersive high definition video. Most video meeting rooms are decked out with the latest, expensive conferencing solutions to impress client and senior management, yet the cost verses the returns are often never achieved due to the cost of high end systems. They never seamlessly work with instant messaging or off network in a way which makes collaboration on legal document or discussions easy to use. This is important as a large number of lawyers are older and slower to change their processes if something is cumbersome or too difficult.

A fast growing area of interest to legal firms has become providing better services to remote, region, and rural areas. It is costlier to get to people, and when there are hurdles to providing legal advice you get a disadvantage group of people. This should not happen. Now there are quality advancements in internet and web online video communications, and quality screen share options, lawyers can offer more and better services, as if the clients were located in the city, or a real face to face meeting. Reducing the time and costs associated with providing legal services in-person in these remote, regional and rural locations is a must.

The key to a law firm’s success is the relationships between the partners, the staff and most importantly the clients. Legal firms are getting much bigger and more diverse, with many mergers having taken place making law a global business. With this come challenges as a specialist could be based anywhere, and getting them to fly to all clients would be near impossible.

The best news is, this is no longer an issue for legal firms if they have the latest generation of SaaS / cloud video conferencing, collaboration and communications technology which enable immersive high definition and the highest quality video meetings, like you were actually face to face. You can now connect any team member into one meeting, no matter where they are working from, including from home and connect to clients or industry peers in the same way.

Legal team need to bring all people together in the most effective, efficient way which also take the pressure off the IT department. With IT dashboard and the best ease-of-use for cloud-based video conferencing systems now from Zoom meetings, there is no longer any excuses for legal team not to be taking advantage.

Holistic deploys Zoom video conference solutions to legal customers who are currently using video conferencing to:

1. Drive team collaboration between partners who are across multiple offices to meet more often
2. Employ the best new breed of legal candidates from law school by interviewing candidates from any location, using web video conferencing
3. Provide flexibility to people working from home to be able to connect to meetings
4. Get Access with witnesses before trial to prepare them
5. Engage all the required team from all departments together internally and externally so the organisation can achieve their goals

In the world of legal practice, effective collaboration can make or break a case. When it comes to clear and concise communication with partners, team members, experts or witnesses to liaising with or preparing cases with clients, having the best communications platform is crucial for success.

The leading number #1 and high quality video conferencing system with the best apps is ZOOM online meetings and video conferencing.We recommend you start enhancing your legal firm’s capabilities today and learn how Holistic can help you to accelerate your communications, collaboration and video meetings.

• Enhance Legal Communications
Lawyers often gather Video depositions, which are recorded and used as evidence in trials. Zoom can easily record secure high quality video meetings, interviews and testimonies from anywhere.

• Simple, easy to use Collaboration
With the advent of set pricing or fixed pricing for enterprise clients, the need for efficient and effective legal work and team collaboration is essential. Billable hours are in many place no longer the norm. Billable hours are still in place but the need to make use of one’s time, and not travelling or waste time can mean the difference to keeping a client happy or losing them. Time is precious on all fronts, from legal consultation, training, team meetings, and office meetings of all types and this can detract from billable hours if not effective.

• Reduce Travel
Lawyers and attorneys always need to be available but the reality is, being there in person is just not possible every time. You can cut down on the travel time or travel by using video meetings applications especially from mobiles and smart phones, not just from the office. Video conferencing from zoom helps you connect every time, from any device, face to face reducing travel time and increasing billable hours.

• Effective Training
With Zooms training capabilities and recording functions, all the team can be engaged and up-skilling can be effective, and timely. Do not distract from billable hours and important case, but just as important do not miss training by not being there and get caught out on a legal case. You can be there virtually when needed.

Ask one of our specialist how you can start having the best meeting and conferences you have ever had by deploying and using Zoom video meetings.

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