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Today during a conference call, I was thinking about the time when a message required at least 48 hours to get delivered from one state of America to the other via ponies or trains. Time has brought revolutionary changes in business communication. Nowadays we can complete a small business project by 4 to 7 days and can do instant communication whenever required. Apart from business IM and online video calling, conference call is a communication tool which is taken for granted and its significance is not actually realized. It is because of the availability of advanced virtual collaboration tools such as video calling and screen sharing. However, conference calls have played their worth mentioning role even before the first business email which was sent in 1971 through Arpanet. Just like online video calling, conference calls, technology has gone through many innovations. Some of these are mentioned below:

Cost Minimization

First ever conference call was made in year 1915 and it did cost per minute around $485. Nowadays the cost is drastically decreased but long duration conference calls can still mark a notable place in your business’ expenditure statement.

Automated Exchange

The wired network for these calls was as complicated as a spider-web. It was nearly impossible to find a fault or to do routine maintenance. The complexity of network is decreased now as the calls are managed through a centralized exchange. This phone exchange was first operated by an operator but now they have become automated.

Digital Audio Bridges

An amazing development in conference calls’ technology is digital audio bridges. These audio bridges play the role of a central hub for every participant of the conference call. This digitization has make the magnetic phone coils and copper wires a substance of past.

Digital audio bridges have brought the following improvements in calling experience:

  • Voice clarity
  • Active noise cancellation
  • Increased number of conference calls’ participants
  • Decreased cost and improved networking technology

Voice Codecs

Voice codecs are a byproduct of digital audio bridges. They have magnified the value of conference calling. These codecs can also be used for voice encryption. They are operated with internet protocols and act as a bridge between analog to digital audio conversion. Due to the audio codecs conference calling cost has further decreased and voice quality has improved.

Even in the presence of online video calling, webinars and other advancements in virtual collaboration, conference calls cannot be considered as outdated. It has its own significance. Conference calls have gone through many developmental changes. With Holistic you can make high quality conference calls at affordable rates by its telephony integration.

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