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Our Story

Holistic Communications was founded on the desire to provide our clients with a quality solution to meet all their collaboration needs. Whilst there is no shortage of vendors in the market that specialize in unified collaboration very few provide the quality, service or integration needs to meet the needs of today’s business.

Our founders recognized this gap and have partnered with two of the most disrupted vendors on the planet, Zoom and Logitech. Not only do these vendors deliver exceptional quality and reliablilty they provide our clients with a Holistic approach to meet their colloboration needs at an affordable price.

  • Unified Communications 80%
  • Online Collaboration  60%
  • Video Conferencing 50%
  • IT Strategy & Consultiing 40%

Unified Communications

You only get the benefits from communication and collaboration if people use it and the solution is effective.

IT Strategies

Get our consulting team to design the right video and comms solution for you now and into the future.

Collaboration Strategies

Internal collaboration and external collaboration have different requirements. Join them and get all the benefits.

Customer Support

We pride our selves on delivering local support and professional services to our   clients throughout APAC and ANZ.

Holistic Communications was incorporated to fullfill a number of challenges organisations have.

• Flawless quality; the basics of every online meeting, clear audio, sharp video and responsive content sharing capabilities. Add instant messaging and presence and you have a great platform to communicate on.
• It must be easy to use; it’s about the meeting experience not the technology. It must be so easy to use that everyone wants to use it at work or at home.
• Reliable; it just needs to work!! As a consumer of technology it must instill confidence that it will work flawlessly everyday with minimal fuss. Business’s need a proactive solution for collaboration, a reactive solution is the biggest barrier for Unified Communications (UC) take up.
• Fit for business; all businesses are different, what works for one does not work for all. Your UC platform must not consume too much bandwidth and it must support cloud SaaS or Hybrid / on premise deployments,
• Support for external parties; it’s one thing to work internally but it must work seamlessly for external guests with minimal fuse or setup time. Again It just needs to work
• Room based video conferencing: it must provide our clients with the ability to leverage their existing video conferencing technologies, such as Polycom / Tandberg. This should be a native feature of the product and not rely on 3rd party applications (Blue Jeans).
• Global audio conferencing; Sometimes VoIP is not enough, when you need to pick up the phone you want to be able to do this anywhere in the world and it should not cost the world. So free inbuilt global PSTN dial in services or cost competitive dial out (call me / free call) capabilities are required.
• Affordable; unified communications has the ability to promote collaboration across your business and improve the way you service your clients. If you see the value you need commercial confidence that it could be deployed to the majority, currently most solutions of this pedicure make it difficult to deploy on mass and therefor limit the value to your organization. We want to change this so that it is affordable to the majority, not the minority
• Corporate integration; It must look like its part of your platform and it must be easy to manage from an operational perspective. By this we mean corporate branding, rock solid security, single sign on, API integration etc.

Who are we and why partner with us?

Holistic Communication deploy saas, hybrid and cloud for Zoom throughout Asia Pacific. Our clients love Zoom but they see value in leveraging a partner who can provide local service, support, training and in country billing.

Our founders and directors come from your world, we know the importance of client service and we have the capabilities to deliver on your needs. By partnering with Holistic you get the best possible solution for unified communication with a local touch point.

Our vision is to enable to all organisations to communicate from any device, from any locations at any time. By leveraging people-centric services which all people can utilize and adopt as part of their everyday activities for real-time collaboration. All users and participants will have the best user experience for quality audio, video, screen share on any device.

Zoom ticks all the boxes and delivers this service in a way that people enjoy, it becomes part of their normal working day. Productivity increases and cost of sales reduces. ROI pay back is generally measured in months, not years.

No matter if you are 1 person in a small business, or a multinational with 100,000 staff needing to communication internally and externally to your customers, suppliers and partners, then the team at Holistic Communications can assist you in driving your business outcomes effectively, efficiently and cost effectively.

Holistic Communications Pty Ltd covers the Asia Pacific region delivering organisations globally but is not limited to including; Thailand Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, India, Australasia and the south pacific Islands, Malaysia, China, Vietnam, South Korea, Japan, East Asia, South Asia, Oceania, Philippines, Taiwan, Indonesia, American Samoa. Being the Zoom Meetings video Conferencing reseller in the region.

Michael Bartlett

Michael Bartlett

Director / Founder

With over 20 Years experience in IT and over 10 years at a CIO level, Michael has personal experience in designing and deploying unified communications solutions. If you are looking for solution and need a proven professional to help, Just ask him today.

Tam Luong

Tam Luong

Senior Support Manager

With over 20 years in customer services and customer support, Tam is here to assist our clients in getting the most out of their solution. Tam manages the support functions of Holistic Communications so our client are always happy.

If you have a support need, reach out to our support team at any time.

Kim Fenley

Kim Fenley

Chief Operating Officer

With over 30 years in government and enterprise, Kim’s knowledge is rock solid. Kim has been in leading edge technology for over 20 years evangalising and educating companies globally how they can leverage technology to their advantage.